The Fallen

The Fallen

There are 113 unique names on Stockton Heath’s Cenotaph, the wooden chancel screens in St Thomas’ Church and/or have graves or memorial stones in the grave yards of St Thomas’ Church*.  Through our research we hope to uncover why a name may be on one but not the other.

These names are listed below in alphabetical order. Full name details will be added as our research progresses

* The names in the grave yards were extracted from research carried out by St Thomas’, not all recorded graves and memorials were physically located during that research.

1. T Alcock
2 Alfred Allender
3 Alfred Appleton
4 John Appleton
5 Walter I Arnold
6 Arthur Douglas Barlow
7 Thomas Benion
8 Herbert N Bennett
9 Tom Berry
10 Francis Bettles
11 Thomas T.P. Blackburn
12 Thomas Henry Bostock
13 Fernley Bowden
14 Ernest Edwin Bradshaw
15 Charles Brereton
16 Eric Bridgewater
17 William Brown
18 W Caldwell
19 William Carter
20 Ernest Clarke
21 Thomas B Clerk
22 George A Cooper
23 Russell Peter Crampton
24 Charles Davenport
25 Joseph Davenport
26 Ernest Davis
27 Thomas Day
28 Frederick C Dean
29 Alfred Edward Downing
30 John Dubobbin
31 Herbert T Dutton
32 Victor Henry Fletcher
33 William J Foster
34 Richard Plumbley Gamble
35 Arnold Gamble
36 Arthur Owen Gerrard
37 Joseph Gerrard
38 Joseph Gleave
39 Joseph Houghton Goodier
40 E Green
41 J Green
42 Jack Greenhall
43 George H Griffiths
44 Frederick W Grocott
45 Jack Hampson
46 Albert Hanson
47 Robert Harmer
48 Thomas Hatton
49 John H Hayes
50 J Heesom
51 Réné P Henrique
52 H Hirst
53 Thomas Hughes
54 ? Hunt
55 Frank F Isherwood
56 Arthur Johnson
57 Walter Keen
58 T Kirkland
59 Ernest Hodgson Leslie
60 John W Livingstone
61 James Lockhart
62 Robert Love
63 William Mayes
64 John McIntyre
65 E Miller
66 George Alfred Morores
67 William E Morris
68 Edward Oaks
69 Samuel H Oaks
70 William Onions
71 James Owen
72 Charles V Owen
73 John Owens
74 Richard Parkinson
75 Piers Parsons
76 Harry F Parton
77 John P.W Pennington
78 William E Pile
79 Peter Valantine Plinston
80 Harrold Richardson
81 Peter E Richardson
82 Arthur T Risley
83 William H Robinson
84 Arthur J Rose
85 R Rose
86 Harry Rowley
87 Albert Sanford
88 John H Sanford
89 Ernest Sankey
90 George T Sankey
91 Benjamin J Savage
92 Charles W Secker
93 E T.H Sharples
94 Reginald J Shillcock
95 P Bryan Silcock
96 John Smith
97 Ernest Stannard
98 S G Stringer
99 Douglas Swinton
100 George Taylor
101 William H Taylor
102 Sydney G Taylor
103 William G Thomas
104 William Vero
105 Robert Walton
106 Malcolm Webb
107 Harry Webster
108 Walter Wellington
109 George A Whitfield
110 Arthur Wilcock
111 John Wilcock
112 Alfred Wilkinson
113 Stanley Young

As our research progresses, we uncover names with an association to Stockton Heath but are not listed above.  It is only right that we also remember the sacrifice these men and their families made.  Joshua Stone, from Stockton Heath who has a keen interest in military history has offered to carry out separate research on these individuals:

A1 Luther Allen
A2 William Aston
A3 Herbert Beamish
A4 Frank Bell
A5 Walter Hedley Brooks
A6 Thomas Charlesworth
A7 William Cherry
A8 George Reginald Clegg
A9 Gilbert Seymour Clough
A10 James Denton
A11 Maurice John Glover
A12 Wilfrid Spence Haddock
A13 John Hampson